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Selekta GS M42



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New: SELEKTA® GS M42 with optimized superfinishing. With immediate effect, the pro-duct with widths of 67 mm and 80 mm will be converted to the new inline production.By switching to the new WIKUS inline production, the product SELEKTA® GS M42 benefit from an increase in production quality.

In addition, the band saw blade receive a high quality finish in the form of a shiny, smooth surface and the fine band surface protects the guides of the machine and increases fatigue strength.The other dimensions will be successively added.



  • Solid materials
  • Metals up to 1000 N/mm² tensile strength
  • High cutting rate with small and large solid material


  • Patented performance and surface teeth
  • M42 cutting edge with extra positive rake angle
  • Hook tooth
  • Sharpened sawtooth


  • Low finishing due to perfect surface quality
  • Lowest cost per cut
  • Low material allowance by exact gating
  • German top-technology
  • Short cutting time by high performance

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