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About us

Vamatec, your specialist for bandsaw blades

Vamatec N.V. has been specializing in band saws and band saw machines since its establishment in 1993. We are the official distributor of Wikus, the largest manufacturer of band saws worldwide. In addition, we offer our own brand, InterSaw. Our range includes an extensive and high-quality selection of bi-metal band saws and carbide band saws. You will find a saw for every application in our online shop!

Vamatec Welding Center

Vamatec has its own welding center for bandsaws and has built up years of expertise in this area. By constantly investing in up-to-date machines and qualified personnel, we can guarantee you a perfect weld in a very short delivery time!


We do not simply sell bandsaw blades. Our aim is to reduce the cost of every saw cut for you.

A perfectly adjusted bandsaw machine increases the economic benefits of a high quality saw blade. We have, however, noticed that many companies do not make optimal use of their bandsaw machines.

  • The parameters have not been adjusted perfectly.
  • Wear-and-tear of components causes saw blade breakage and enormous reductions in productivity.
  • Selection of the wrong type of bandsaw blade or sawtooth for the application.
  • The operator does not know all the possibilities of the machine, which can help raise its productivity.

    We will help you to reduce sawing costs.