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Primar M42



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With PRIMAR® M42 WIKUS is also setting standards in the bimetal universal segment. The innovative production process guarantees good product properties and a good blade-life - and all of this with a versatile range of applications. The cost per cut can be reduced, thanks to the high degree of process reliability. As a result of the superfinish, the optimised contours on the tooth cutting edges produce improved cutting surfaces.



  • Profiles and solid materials
  • Small to medium-sized workpieces
  • Workshops and smaller industrial applications
  • All metals up to 1000 N/mm² tensile strength


  • M42 tooth edge with customised rake angle
  • Optimised variable tooth pitch and standard tooth setting
  • Available in negative or positive rake angle, depending on teeth per inch


  • Good blade-life thanks to new manufacturing processes
  • Less frequent blade changes thanks to universal field of application
  • Good cutting surface thanks to precise tooth setting
  • Very good price-performance-ratio in the universal use segment
  • Low operating noise thanks to variable tooth pitch

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